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The Company P.MARTINAKIS & E.E. with the brand name TECHNOPAL INDUSTRIES,  was founded in 2000 by Paul Martinakis and Michael Martinakis, son and father respectively, Greeks immigrants in Germany (2nd and 1st generation).

Michael Martinakis’ 30 and more years old experience in manufacturing machines and packaging of all kinds plastics, combined perfectly with the absorption of German know-how in manufacturing od edge bandings by Paul Martinakis, knowledge absolutely specialized both in production and in the selection of qualified engineering equipment and the necessary raw materials.

The Company is certified with ISO 9001: 2000, is very flexible, committed to quality and customer service.

Manager of the Company is Paul Martinakis.
The company is capable of producing edge bandings in the Customer order.
The great flexibility allows very short delivery times and small production quantities.
The Customer service and support is the main and primary target of the Company which is governed clearly by customer-oriented philosophy.

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