More than 2000
Edge Banding

TECHNOPAL INDUSTRIES, throughout the years of its operation, has always kept up with new trends and developments in the field of furniture, constantly enriches its product range and now lists over 2,000 Décor colors. The variety of designs covers all types of surfaces on the market.

Design & Production
Customer order

Having the know-how and a special mold production department in our facilities, the production dimensions of the films can vary in a very wide range, depending on the requirements of each customer.

UP TO 97%
Color Matching

Simulation of RAL & Pantone colors
Each production is adapted to the customer’s order regarding the surface and the color, in order to achieve color fidelity with the surface for which it is created.

Embossing Collection
for all needs

With different types of embossing we can simulate the texture of any kind of surface. TECHNOPAL INDUSTRIES additionally offers the possibility of creating special textures for special customer requirements.