The company

TECHNOPAL INDUSTRIES was founded in 2000 by Pavlos Martinakis after his repatriation from Germany with the support of his father Michalis Martinakis. He was a pioneer in the production of fringe films by ABS throughout the Balkans.

Michael Martinakis’ 45 years of experience in production and packaging machines of all kinds of plastic goods was perfectly combined with the absorption of German know-how in the manufacture of margin films by Pavlos Martinakis, knowledge that is absolutely specialized both in production and in the selection of specialized mechanical equipment and the necessary materials.Since its establishment in the Greek market, TECHNOPAL INDUSTRIES has expanded first to Cyprus and then to Bulgaria, Albania and the rest of the Balkans.It constantly invests in machinery and technological equipment to fulfill its customers’ wishes and continue its leadership – with the motto “anything goes”.

We always provide solutions on the side of the customer